Atzen Protective Cream

So, today I’m reviewing a face cream. Costing $79, this one is quite expensive, and not worth it. 


Atzen Protective Day Cream, was non offensive, didn’t cause breakouts, but wasn’t anything special. It was also a bit too light for me (I have dry skin), so if you need moisture this cream is not for you. Within a couple hours my skin was as dry as it was before applying. Wouldn’t consider it, as at almost 80$ that’s insane. It’s completely overpriced for something that feels like a drugstore moisturizer. 

Overall: **

Effective: **

Ease of Use: ****

Smell: NA

Product Dosage Size: **

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Lush—Honey Trap

I love Lush products—as you’ll see, a large portion of these reviews are Lush based—I”ve probably tried almost all of them. Anyway, this one is for Honey Trap. 


At $7.25, the good news is little tin will last you a long time. The bad news is that its a bit hard to use. The tin makes a bit of a mess/isn’t the most sanitary of options. Constantly sticking your fingers back into a tin kinda grosses me out… Anyway, there seems to be a hard top layer, which when applied is weirdly waxy and drying.

Luckily once you break through that layer, you’ll find that its a bit more moisturizing, you just have to heat up the balm between your fingers before applying. I’ve also tried using it as a nail cream—-not that effective, everything is rather sticky. The smell is a bit too strong, its a SWEET Vanilla honey. I’m always worried that other people are going to be as overpowered by the scent as I am. 

Overall: ***

Effective: **

Ease of Use: ***

Smell: **

Product Dosage Size: ***** (omg when will I finish this thing? I really want to move on to something else…..) 

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Beauty Product Reviews

Ok, so over the last several years I’ve kept a list of every cosmetic product I’ve tried, sampled, purchased etc. I figured I should share this list, so here goes. Each review will come with an overall score, and then four other individually scored categories. I’ll add more breakdowns as needed. 

Effectiveness, aka did it work as advertised? * = Abysmal. Not only did it fail dismally, but it caused adverse reactions. ** = didn’t work at all. *** = unoffensive, it worked, but nothing to write home about. **** It worked well. ***** = Awesome Product! Worked Well, lasting results.

Ease of Use, aka how easy is it to apply? Does it make a mess? *= Really messy. Was a face product, ended up in my hair. Had to scrub the tub afterwards. ** = A bit messier than normal. Nothing a quick rinse won’t fix. *** = No problem with the product itself, just the container. **** = Normal ease of use for that type of product. ***** = Super easy to use! Has multiple uses! Is generally awesome! 

Smell, How strong is the smell? Does it smell nice? Or like old dog fur? * = Yick! Yick! Yick! Get it out! ** = Overpowering, but there are moments where it could be nice. Or it just smells weird. *** = Eh, not offensive, nothing special. Just pleasant. NA = no smell. **** = Good smell, lovely, really like it. ***** = OMG I want to eat it. 

Product Dosage Size, or how much product do you have to use? * = You have to use an absurd amount for the product to work, they give you a tiny amount and it doesn’t last very long at all. ** = They gave you a tiny amount for the amount you have to use. *** = Reasonable amount, product lasts for a reasonable amount of time. **** = Lasted slightly longer than expected. ***** = Small amount needed, the container just keeps giving and giving! 

Please contact me if you have any question/something you want me to review! :D 


how to catch a cannibal: throw a fucking costume party and see if he comes as himself

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  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: hugh dancy and mads mikkelsen didn't receive emmy nominations for their work on hannibal and i'm growing more and more disillusioned with both the academy and the entire awards process.

AU where Will Graham is effectively Horatio Caine

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